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A school is not responsible for damage to or theft of student property. Most schools strongly encourage students and parents to consider purchasing coverage such as that offered by Gallagher and Allianz.

Questions and Answers Regarding Our Student Personal Property Protector Plus® Insurance

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Property Coverage Questions
Where can I download a copy of the policy before I buy it?
You may download and read the policy here.
Doesn't my homeowners policy cover my child's property?
Homeowner Policies do not cover breakage and liquid spills and other accidental damages, which are common causes of loss. Also the Homeowner policy deductibles are generally high enough that there is little to no loss recovery for smartphones, tablets and many laptops. For a detailed comparison, please go here.
If my homeowners policy provides coverage, why would I want to purchase a separate policy?
The Gallagher / Allianz policy applies first regardless of other insurance. It also covers things a homeowner's policy does not and affords greater recovery using far lower deductibles than a standard Homeowners policy. The homeowner's policy was designed for your home. The Gallagher policy is designed for Student, Faculty and School Staff mobile technology. For a detailed comparison, please go here.
Will this policy cover property if my child is not at home or school?
Yes. We cover student property anywhere in the world as long as your child is a registered student.
If someone stole or damaged my child's property would the Student Personal Property Protector Plus® cover that loss?
Yes... unless the theft was from a vehicle that was not locked and clearly forcefully entered. For theft claims, be sure to report the incident to a local Police Department and obtain a copy of the police report. For damage claims, please obtain a repair estimate that describes the extent of damage.
If my child lost something, is that covered?
The full circumstances of an event, including time and place where loss occurred must be known. Things misplaced or whereabouts unknown are not covered.
Will this policy cover property that my son or daughter borrows from the school if that property happens to be stolen or damaged?
Yes. It covers property which the school provides for your child's use under a school program, provided it is scheduled on the policy.
Do I need to provide a list of inventory before buying the policy?
Yes, this is a scheduled policy. You will be asked to list the device when ordering coverage, unless the school has provided insurance with the unit. We will only ask for proof of ownership at the time of filing a claim. Proof of ownership includes any records showing purchase of the item such as receipts, credit card statements, or an inventory list from the school showing the device was assigned to your child.
If my child travels overseas during semester breaks or between school years, is their property covered?
Yes. With Gallagher, travel anywhere in the world is covered 365 days of the year regardless of when, where, why or how you travel.
Is this policy Replacement Cost Coverage?
Yes. The policy will pay the actual cost to repair or replace property with like kind and quality property.
Will this policy pay if I have other insurance in place?
Yes. This student policy applies first regardless of other insurance. However, you may only collect once for a covered loss. Trying to collect more than once is a crime.
Is this policy coverage for 12 calendar months or just while school is in session?
The policy is in force 365 days a year, even during school breaks.
Do you offer policies shorter than 1 year?
No, all policies are for one year.
If I renew my policy early, will I have overlapping policy coverage?
No, if you renew your policy via the Renew Policy link, your "renewed" policy will automatically start when your "old" policy ends if you renew it before it expires. You may renew your policy up to 60 days before it is set to expire.
What do you mean by "loss"?
Any incident where an insured device is damaged or stolen.
Do you offer "family" coverage plans??
No, each student needs their own individual policy.
Does this policy insure my valuables in case of an earthquake, hurricane, or other natural disaster?
Yes. This policy will protect your insured device against damage from earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, and other natural disasters.
Does this provide coverage for accidental damage?
Yes, your scheduled devices will be insured against accidental damage. If the item is repairable, an estimate of the repair will be needed.
We just purchased a new computer, cellphone, etc. Can we get these insured now, even before school starts?
Yes. When you purchase your policy online, you may select an effective date between the date of purchase and 60 days into the future. Your valuables will be insured even if school has not yet begun, provided you have enrolled at the school.
I don't need my policy to start until school begins. Can I set a start date sometime in the future?
Yes. You can purchase a policy now and set its start effective up to 60 days in the future.
Does this policy provide coverage for tablet devices such as the Apple iPad, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy, and Amazon Kindle?
Yes, provided the device was scheduled on the policy prior to the date of loss.
What is the process of filing a claim?
In the event of property theft or damage, file a claim on our homepage by clicking Login. Find the link to File Your Claim and log in using your policy number. Answer all of the empty fields in the online claim form and submit your claim. This will open a claim directly in our system and you will receive a confirmation email that will include detailed instructions on how to complete your claim for settlement.
How quickly will I receive my claim settlement check?
Once all supporting documentation of your claim has been received, our claims process can generate a settlement check within 30 days.
Can I receive my purchased policy online?
Yes. Most policies are automatically available and you may download or print your policy, including its declarations page, after purchasing.
Will the policy automatically renew?
No, we will endeavor to send a renewal notice before your policy expires. We will only renew the policy upon receipt of payment.
Can this policy be cancelled or non-renewed?
As with all insurance contracts, you may cancel by sending written notice and returning your policy. Very few policies are cancelled or non-renewed by the company. The few that are usually result from an unusual frequency of claims.
How can I cancel my policy?
If you return the policy within the first 30 days and request Cancellation as of inception, we will return your full premium. Otherwise return premium will be calculated on a pro-rata basis. Policy cancellation requests should be in writing and sent by email or written letter to us.
Who underwrites Gallagher's student insurance policies?
Gallagher's student property insurance program is underwritten by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS), which is a member of one of the world's largest property and casualty insurer groups - Allianz SE. This company is A+ rated from A.M. Best - among the highest ratings an insurer can earn for financial stability. For more information, please visit www.agcs.allianz.com.
Other Questions
Where can I download a property inventory form?
It is wise to keep an inventory list with this information for your records and it will speed the claim process if you do have a loss. You can download our property inventory form here.

The policy, not this FAQ section, is the contract of insurance and all coverage is determined by the policy.