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Different schools come to us with different needs.

Never FearSM The strength of our student insurance is that we can tailor your program to whatever level of support you require. Our programs range from:

  • Required participation: Does your school require that students carry electronic device insurance? If so, we can negotiate school-specific rates on the best coverage available. Never FearSM your staff will have full support with 24 hour on-line access as well as toll free in-office support during business hours. These toll-free calls are personally attended to by trained service representatives. You can rest assured that your participants are not stuck on hold or forced to follow endless phone prompts in order to get the help they deserve.
  • Recommended participation: If your school recommends that students contact us to safeguard their electronic devices, you can trust that they can use our on-line and published materials to research rates, order a policy, or process a claim 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Moreover, our customary personal service is available Monday-Friday by calling toll free 1-888-411-4911. With us, your participants will be protected and will have the tools, attention, and expertise they need when it matters most.
  • Referred participation: Some schools opt to limit their involvement in student electronic device insurance. We welcome the opportunity to work with your students, families, and staff on an individual basis. We work directly with individual students and families across the country. Whether we insure two of your students or employees or 20,000, each client still receives A-rated Allianz Insurance Company coverage at very affordable rates and access to all of our in-office and on-line support.

However you’ve designed your risk management and electronic device policies, we have options for you. To explore options for your school contact us at 1-888-411-4911 or electronically.

If you would like, you may request brochures to distribute to your students.